Design Your Own Tote Bag,5 tote bags.. howell

Tassels are a ideal addition for the arsenal of a craft amateur. Tassels can end up being costly, but it can become cheaper, to build a custom-made tassel. Right here are three methods to make homemade tassels. Tote Bags Outlet

You will require: 2 tone tote bags.

Off Step Tote BagOff Step Tote Bag

Tote bag on wheels,Take a book, it may end up being any sizing for the size of tassel you want. I utilized a reserve with the measurements of 6 and a fifty percent by 4 and a half in .. Cover twine of preferred color, around reserve many times, simply because heavy as you would like tassel.

Slip a piece of line through top of reserve under the lines of thread. Link tightly, become sure to use a piece long plenty of to become able to connect cycle at the top. 5 tote bags.. howell.

DIY Tote Bags

tote bag custom,Remove the winds of thread from the reserve. End up being sure to remove straightly. Link a knot with long piece of twine 1 inches from the top of tassel. Tie up around a good amount of times, then connect it in a knot once again, allow excessive twine to suspend down tassel.

Tote Bag Funny Flamingo PatternTote Bag Funny Flamingo Pattern

g dragon tote bag,Cut the bottom level edge of tassel evenly with scissors.

Tie cycle at the top. You may secure knots with hot glue.

These adorable little tassels are lot of fun for projects! Tiny tassels are made the same way as large types.